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Opening Remarks (from the Editor)

The Fare Forward Interview with Ross Douthat, conducted by Peter Blair

“After Liberalism: Toward a Politics of the Common Good” by Jose Mena

“The Walker Percy Option” by Charlie Clark

“New York, New Jerusalem” by Susannah Black

“Raising a Molecular Family in an Atomic Age” by Matthew Loftus

“Detachment Parenting” by Brandon McGinley

“The New Stoicism” by Leah Libresco

“Review: Jáchym Topol’s The Devil’s Workshop” by Eve Tushnet

“Review: Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation by Tim Markatos

“Review: The Beach Boys’ SMiLE Albums” by Harrison Lemke

“Review: Andrew Willard Jones’s Before Church and State by Kevin Gallagher