Fare Forward is a collaborative network of Christian writers with a shared vision for thinking well about faith, reason, and vocation. Our community is intentionally ecumenical, drawing Christians from different denominations and political persuasions around a core of creedal orthodoxy.

The name ‘Fare Forward’ is taken from “The Dry Salvages”, the third poem of T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece, The Four Quartets. A meditation on the Christian’s place in time—in motion between birth and death, but always drawn up into eternity—the poem expresses our commitment to “consider the future / And the past with an equal mind.”

Fare Forward published writing as both a print quarterly and a web journal from 2012-2016. This site contains our archives from that period. You can subscribe to our occasional newsletter for links to the latest writing from members of our network. We also help organize local reading groups to share writing and community around the ideas that matter to us. To subscribe to our newsletter or for information about writing, editing, or any of our other activities, contact us at fareforwardjournal@gmail.com.