Another Week in Review


Your weekly round-up of pieces of note at Fare Forward and elsewhere.


Recently at Fare Forward

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Sigh No More: Walking the Path of Conversion by Joshua Gonnerman


Fare Forward Friends and Writers

Evangelical Protestants Are The Biggest Winners When People Change Faiths by Leah Libresco at Five Thirty Eight (and a follow-up)

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Other Pieces of Note

In Defense of the Natural Family by Michael Brendan Dougherty at The Week

Tom Stoppard Plays With God by Eve Tushnet at The American Conservative 

 A Thicker Kind of Mere by Timothy George at First Things


Classic Text of the Week

“If souls please you, let them be loved in God; for they also are mutable, but in Him are they firmly established, else would they pass, and pass away. In Him, then, let them be beloved; and draw unto Him along with you as many souls as you can and say to them, ‘Him let us love, Him let us love; He created these, nor is He far off. For He did not create them, and then depart; but they are of Him, and in Him. Behold, there is He wherever truth is known. He is within the very heart, but yet has the heart wandered from Him. Return to your heart, O you transgressors, Isaiah 56:8 and cleave fast unto Him that made you. Stand with Him, and you shall stand fast. Rest in Him, and you shall be at rest. Whither go ye in rugged paths? Whither go ye? The good that you love is from Him; and as it has respect unto Him it is both good and pleasant, and justly shall it be embittered, because whatsoever comes from Him is unjustly loved if He be forsaken for it. Why, then, will you wander farther and farther in these difficult and toilsome ways? There is no rest where ye seek it. Seek what ye seek; but it is not there where ye seek. You seek a blessed life in the land of death; it is not there. For could a blessed life be where life itself is not?'” –St. Augustine, The Confessions, Book IV

Peter Blair

Peter Blair lives in Washington, DC. A 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College, he works as Campus Program Coordinator for the Thomistic Institute. Peter is editor-in-chief of Fare Forward. He is on Twitter: @PeterAWBlair.