Another Week in Review


Your weekly round-up of pieces of note at Fare Forward and elsewhere.


This Week at Fare Forward

Failure and Faithfulness: The Family in “Malcolm in the Middle” by Matthew Healey

Our Kids: Facing Crisis Without Imagination by Isaiah Berg

Easter With Rebecca West by Peter Blair (last week)


Fare Forward Friends and Writers

Reviewing The New Parish and New Evangelical Language by Jake Meador at Mere Orthodoxy 

This Books and Culture Lineup (I couldn’t pick just one) by Various at Books and Culture


Other Pieces of Note

We Thinkers from the Gilt-Edged Margins by Christian Thorne at his Commonplace Book (h/t Kevin Gallagher and Jose Mena)

Options by James Chastek (h/t Pater Edmund Waldstein)


Classic Text of the Week

“Death trampled our Lord underfoot, but he in his turn treated death as a highroad for his own feet. He submitted to it, enduring it willingly, because by this means he would be able to destroy death in spite of itself. Death had its own way when our Lord went out from Jerusalem carrying his cross; but when by a loud cry from that cross he summoned the dead from the underworld, death was powerless to prevent it.

Death slew him by means of the body which he had assumed, but that same body proved to be the weapon with which he conquered death. Concealed beneath the cloak of his manhood, his godhead engaged death in combat; but in slaying our Lord, death itself was slain. It was able to kill natural human life, but was itself killed by the life that is above the nature of man.” –Saint Ephrem

Peter Blair

Peter Blair lives in Washington, DC. A 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College, he works as Campus Program Coordinator for the Thomistic Institute. Peter is editor-in-chief of Fare Forward. He is on Twitter: @PeterAWBlair.