Another Week In Review


Your weekly round-up of pieces of note at Fare Forward and elsewhere.


This Week at Fare Forward

Abraham, Isaac, and the Last of Us by Christopher Howell

Kinship in “Our Only World” by Jon Askonas


Fare Forward Friends and Writers 

Behold! What Shakespeare’s Words on Mercy Can Teach us About Internet Shaming by Matthew Lee Anderson in The Washington Post 

The Skeletons in England’s Closet by B.D. McClay in The Washington Free Beacon

How Did Sex Become So Boring by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig in The New Republic (h/t Enoch Kuo)


Other Pieces of Note

Dismantling the Cross by Patricia Snow at First Things (h/t Julia Mooney)

Five Questions with Oliver O’Donovan at the EerdWord (h/t Jake Meador)

An Introduction to the Calvinist International complied by Jake Meador at The Calvinist International


Classic Text of the Week

“Let us love eternal life, and hereby may we know how greatly we ought to labour for eternal life, when we see men who love the present life, which lasts but for a time and must be brought to an end, labour so for it, that when the fear of death comes, they will do whatever they can, not to put away, but to put off death. How does a man labour, when death threatens, by flight, by concealment, by giving all he has, and redeeming himself, by toil, by endurance of torments and uneasinesses, by calling in physicians, and whatever else a man can do? See, how that after exhausting all his labour and his means, he is but able to contrive to live a little longer; to live always, he is not able. If then men strive with so great labour, with so great efforts, so great a cost, such earnestness, such watchfulness, such carefulness, that they may live a little longer; how should they strive that they may live for ever? And if they are called wise, who by all means strive to put off death, and live a few days, that they lose not a few days: how foolish are they who so live as to lose the day eternal!” -St. Augustine, Sermon 77 on the New Testament 

Peter Blair

Peter Blair lives in Washington, DC. A 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College, he works as Campus Program Coordinator for the Thomistic Institute. Peter is editor-in-chief of Fare Forward. He is on Twitter: @PeterAWBlair.